How to make sparkling water taste better - image of sparkling water in glasses

10 Ways to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better for Diabetics.

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Sparkling water is a great product but sometimes it just needs a little extra oompf to make sparkling water taste better. I think knowing how to make sparkling water taste better adds to the variety of drinks and flavours that diabetics can enjoy.

strawberry watermelon sparkling water - how to make sparkling water taste good.
how to make sparkling water taste better

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Lots of people recommend adding fruit, juice or flavour powders to sparkling water for flavour, but a lot of those contain sugar, making blood glucose control more difficult. As a diabetic, I want a Sugar-Free no-hassle option.

One of my favourite flavourings to use is Stur flavourings. Stur is a naturally sweetened product that does not contain sugar. It also does not contain any sucralose or aspartame, which is a concern for some of us diabetics. Stur is also Keto and Vegan friendly.

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Is sparkling water the same as Seltzer Water or Club Soda?

Sparkling Water is a naturally occurring carbonated water. The amount of carbonation depends on the origin of the water. Club Soda does not have a naturally occurring carbonation. Carbonation is added along with some minerals. Generally speaking, most club soda that you buy will have a similar level of carbonation. Sparkling Water’s level of carbonation can vary depending on the bottler and where it came from.

Can you Make Sparkling Water Taste Like Soda?

You can simulate the flavour but soda pop generally has more carbonation. But adding the right flavourings to sparkling water can taste ridiculously good if not better than soda.

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Adding Fruit to Sparkling Water – Yay or Nay?

Adding fruit is a great way to make sparkling water taste better, but as a diabetic, I always stay mindful of carbs. Fruit has carbs and sometimes it takes a lot of fruit or fruit juice to get a strong flavour. That is why I choose to use zero-sugar flavourings, such as Stur, or Crystal Light.

Stur does not have sucralose or aspartame, so it is my first go-to and comes in a wide array of flavour choices.

Make Ahead Flavoured Ice

This is an easy effortless way to add extra flavour. If you are adding some Stur to sparkling water, why water it down with plain ice? Freeze some flavoured water in ice cube trays and then just add them at the same time you are adding your flavouring.

image of bubly with stur on a wooden board - how to make sparkling water taste better
How to Make Sparkling WaterTtaste Better

10 Easy Ways to Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

  1. Lemonade Flavour – Add a couple of slices of lemon and some Stur Lemonade Flavouring to a glass of Lemon Bubly sparkling water. Don’t forget the flavoured ice cubes.
  2. Fruity Flavour – Add some Stur Fruit Punch flavour drops to Bubly Triple Berry Sparkling Water. This is fantastic on a hot day.
  3. Blackberry Lemonade – Add some Blue and Blackberry Stur Flavouring to some Waterloo Blackberry lemonade. It may not sound traditional but why not try something different?
  4. Grapefruit Sparkler – Add some Crystal Light Grapefruit drops to a bottle of Topo Chico Grapefruit Mineral Water for a blast of citrus.
  5. Black Raspberry – Add some Black Raspberry Stur to a bottle of Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry for a bold fruity taste.
  6. Flavour Plain Sparkling Water – Add your favourite sugar-free water enhancer to a glass of Perrier, Canada Dry or Pellegrin.
  7. Orange Fizzy Flavour – Add some Zero Sugar Orange Tang Water Drops to a can of LaCroix Orange or Tangerine Sparkling Water.
  8. Grape Soda Wannabe – Add some Stur Grape Flavouring to a can of Waterloo Grape Sparkling Water for a taste better than grape soda!
  9. Choose your favourite Jordan’s Skinny Syrup and create a flavour just for you. Add a little or a lot to suit your taste.
  10. Add your favourite tea flavour such as Celestial Seasoning Lemon Zinger. I find the fruit-flavoured teas work best for this option. add a tea bag to a small amount of hot water and let it get strong. Remove the bag and let it chill and then add it to a glass of sparkling water.

It all comes down to being willing to try new products. Check out online shops and your local supermarkets for great sugar-free flavourings that are suitable to add to sparkling water.

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This website may contain affiliate links. When a purchase is made through our links, The Naked Diabetic may receive a commission, at no cost to you.