How to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

How to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy.

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Have you ever wondered if you could make sugar-free cotton candy for diabetics? Oh, yea! we can not only make sugar-free cotton candy but we can eat it too. This is great for young diabetics and a perfect addition for celebrations, like birthday parties, family picnics and family fun days.


Sometimes finding diabetic-friendly candy and treats can be hard. Not just at Christmas and Easter, but just every day. Fortunately, we are finding more and more products that are diabetic-friendly. Being able to make sugar-free cotton candy, is a huge bonus. What diabetic child doesn’t want to enjoy the same thing as non-diabetic children?

Cotton Candy or Candy floss is made from pure sugar. It is made using flossing sugar with heat and air. The sugar is heated and spun with air and the result is that light fluffy Cotton Candy. As a type 1 diabetic, I would not dream of ever eating Cotton Candy. The carbs and soooo high!

2 Ounces of cotton candy have approximately 56 grams of carbs, which are pure sugar. There are no nutritional benefits to cotton candy, just sugar.

If you make sugar-free cotton candy you can reduce the carbs to 15 grams, depending on the candy that you use to make it.

How to make Sugar Free Cotton Candy (Candy Floss)

This would be great at a school fun fair or fundraiser. Being able to provide a diabetic child with some sugar-free cotton candy. As a parent, who spent many years volunteering at schools and sports clubs, I think that this is a brilliant way to make sure the diabetic kids are 100 percent included.

Can you make sugar-free cotton candy using Splenda sweetener?

No, when cotton candy is made the sugar needs to melt and then be spun. Splenda does not melt the same way as sugar, due to different chemical compounds.

Using sugar-free candy to make sugar-free cotton candy.

Hard, sugar-free candy can be used to make sugar-free cotton candy. Break the sugar-free hard candies up into small pieces or crush them. Place the crushed sugar-free candy into the Nostalgia cotton candy machine, after heating up and use the cones to wrap the spun sugar or floss.

It’s super easy and tastes amazing.

Using the Nostalgia Cotton candy machine

The Nostalgia Cotton Candy machine needs to be set up properly prior to starting up. The machine has suction cup feet, which will hold it securely in place during the spinning process. Set it up on a flat surface, so that the suction cups will stick to it.

The bottom piece of the bowl needs to be pushed down

How to make sugar-free cotton candy - machine features
The machine pictured here is the Nostalgia Retro Countertop Candy Machine for hard candy and Flossing Sugar.

How to pick sugar-free candy to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

For the best results use fresh hard candy. Candy that is old or sat around can become sticky and soft. The stickier the candy is the harder it is to use. Jolly Rancher makes a Sugar-Free version of their hard candy, which works well. Choose the fruit-flavoured hard candy for the best-tasting Sugar-Free Cotton Candy.

Isomalt can also be used. The Isomalt nibs or clear discs work best. If you have never heard of Isomalt or never used Isomalt before, it is a great product, that is used to make sugar-free candy. It is sugar-free and can be melted and flavours added to it and poured into moulds. Isomalt is what is in the SUgar-Free Jolly Rancher candy.

You can also purchase a ""” rel=”nofollow sponsored”>Sugar-Free Hard candy kit from Nostalgia. The kit includes extra paper cones and an assortment of sugar-free hard candy, some non-sugar-free candy, flossing sugar and paper cones. Perfect for everything you need for a party or when you want paper cones.


What is Isomalt

Isomalt is a sugar-free sugar substitute that is made from beets. It is used in candy making, and making sugar sculptures and sugar-art pieces for decorating cakes.

Isomalt is available in granulated, crystals and tiles. When you want to use isomalt to make Sugar-Free Cotton candy, it is best to use the tiles.

Isomalt can be melted and re-melted which makes it very baker-friendly. Isomalt tiles come in a variety of colours. The red or blue tiles are nice a vibrant, for cotton candy making.

Isomalt contains sugar alcohols and can cause bloating and intestinal gas. Don’t eat too much.

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What type of candy can not be used to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy?

Hard candy that has a liquid center, hard caramel candies, jelly beans, gummy candy or any other soft candy is not suitable when making Cotton Candy,

Can you buy Sugar-free flossing Sugar?

No, you can’t. Flossing sugar is made from pure sugar, but you can buy sugar-free Cotton Candy kits from some sellers. Sugar-Free Cotton Candy kits are not easy to find and they can be costly. They are made using isomalt, so you can easily make your own.

The cheapest way to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy is to use hard candies.

How to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy
Easy to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

How to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

1 – Place 2 sugar-free hard candies in a Ziploc bag

2- Using a rolling pin or a kitchen mallet, break the candy into pieces. You can also place whole candies into the extractor’s head, but I like to break up top candy to make it go faster. The smaller the pieces are, the quicker the process will go.

3- Make sure your Nostalgia Cotton Candy maker is assembled properly and secured on a flat surface.

4- Heat the Nostalgia Cotton Candy machine (the machine says 10 minutes – I heat it for 15)

5- Turn the machine off.

6- Divide the candy pieces in half and place them in the extractor head (half on each side) Use the scoop to place your broken candy into the extractor head

Make sure that you have it all inside of the extractor head channel and not on the top of the spinner.

How to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy
How to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy – using sugar-free hard candies

7- Turn the machine back on. The extractor head will immediately start spinning.

How to make sugar-free cotton candy - extractor head

8- When you see the Cotton Candy web forming and coming to the top of the rim of the plastic shield. Rotate the plastic cone over the top of the rim, collecting the cotton candy onto the cone.

How to make sugar-free cotton candy - collect on the cone

9- Continue until done.

10- Repeat until you get the desired amount of Sugar-Free Cotton Candy.

Make sure that you have spun out all of the candy before turning the machine off.

How to make sugar-=free cotton candy
Extractor image – after making cotton candy

The image above shows the extractor before cleaning.

As long as you have used all of the melted candy there should not be any candy or pieces left inside of the extractor.


Serve your Sugar-Free Cotton Candy as a garnish on a Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Slushie or eat it right off of the cone.

Cleaning the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker

Clean-up is super easy.

Place the plastic bowl and the plastic cover in hot soapy water and let sit for a few minutes. the candy or any of the cotton candy fluff that may be stuck inside will slide right out into the hot water,

When the machine has cooled down, wipe the top of the extractor spinner with a hot soapy cloth. Do not pour water into the machine.

If you didn’t spin out all of the candy before shutting the machine off, you may have bits of candy stuck inside of the extractor. Just pick them out (make sure it is not hot)

How to Make the Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Slushie

How to make Sugar-free Cotton Candy
Use Sugar-Free Cotton Candy as a garnish

Our sugar-free cotton candy is a great topper for our Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Slushie. What sweet tooth wouldn’t be satisfied with this delicious treat?

Use a good-quality blender or smoothie maker for making this recipe. I love my Ninja 1000 watt Personal blender and my Ninja Master Prep. Both of these machines blend the ice perfectly in seconds.

Ingredients for Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Slushie

  • 3 cups of ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup Cotton Candy flavoured Skinny Syrup
  • 1/2 cup water

Pour water, Skinny Syrup (cotton candy) and 2 cups of ice into a blender.

Blend for about 30-45 seconds or until the ice is crushed.

Add 1 cup of ice and blend until desired consistency.

Pour into decorative glass and serve, garnished with your sugar-free Cotton Candy.

how to make sugar-free cotton candy
Easy to make Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

Nutritional values of Sugar-Free Cotton Candy

The Jolly Rancher sugar-free Candy that I used has 35 calories and 15 grams of carbs in 4 candies. Just add up the number of candies that you use to calculate the carbs and calories for your sugar-free cotton candy.


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